FileList Property

String denoting the name of the variable which contains the last file listing entries.

Data Type


Default Value



This property denotes a variable name which contains the collection of file listings returned from the task when the Operation property has been set to opScan. The collection is made up of entries for each listing in the current archive, specified by the ArchiveFile property.

The variable is in the form of a datatable. The table's rows represent a file listing, and the columns represent a different property of the listing. The columns of the datatable are listed below:

(0) CompressedDateThe last modified date of the file, as stored within the archive (it does not generally correspond to when the file was compressed).
(1) CompressedNameThe entry name, as stored within the archive.
(2) CompressedSizeThe size of the compressed data, as compressed within the archive. Headers, footers, etc., are not included in the size.
(3) DecompressedNameThe name of the file in the archive, as stored on the file system, outside the archive.
(4) DecompressedSizeThe size of the file, as decompressed outside the archive.

NOTE: If this property is set to a valid ADO object when the Operation property is set to opExtract, the task will populate this table with a file listing of all the files matching the IncludedFiles in the archive.

This property is read-only.

This property is not available in the Assembler/Encoder.

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