ArchiveFile Property

The name of the zip archive.

Data Type


Default Value



This property specifies the name of the archive to be read or written. This property is required when compressing or extracting files.

If scanning or extracting, the file specified by ArchiveFile will be opened for read. If the file does not exist, a trappable error will be generated.

During compression, the file named by ArchiveFile will be written; if a file of this name already exists, the file will be overwritten.

The filename may be specified with or without a path. Paths may be relative or absolute, and should be specified in the format native to the host operating system. The filename should be specified with the appropriate extension (such as "zip"); an extension will not automatically be appended by the task.

If the file cannot be read, or written, as appropriate, a trappable error will be generated.

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