Zip Configuration

The task accepts one or more of the following configuration settings. Configuration settings are similar in functionality to properties, but they are rarely used. In order to avoid "polluting" the property namespace of the task, access to these internal properties is provided through the Other property.

Zip Configuration Settings

CompressionMethod:   Used to set the method of compression.

This is used to specify different compression methods. By default the task uses the Deflate compression method (a value of 0). Supported values are:

Value Method
0 Deflate (default)
1 PPMd
2 bzip2

PlainPassword:   Allows you to specify a password stored in plaintext.

By default the Password value will be encrypted with a machine specific key. This secures the password, however the pipeline must be compiled and deployed on the same machine so the same key can be used to decrypt the value. In certain cases you may wish to store the password value in plaintext so decryption is not required at runtime. This setting would be used to specify this like so:

In this case you would not specify any value for Password.

PreserveModifiedTime:   Whether or not to preserve the original modified time on extracted files.

Specifies whether or not the modified time of the extracted files use the current time or the original time of the file in the archive.

When set to True (default) the extracted files will have the same modified time as the original file.

When set to False the modified time on the extracted files will be set to the current time.

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