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HashEdDSA Property

Whether to use HashEdDSA when signing with an ed25519 or ed448 key.


public boolean isHashEdDSA();
public void setHashEdDSA(boolean hashEdDSA);


This setting specifies whether to use the HashEdDSA algorithm when signing and verifying with ed25519 or ed448 keys.

If set to True the component will use the HashEdDSA algorithm (ed25519ph or ed448ph) when signing and verifying. When using a HashEdDSA algorithm the input is pre-hashed and supports a single pass over the data during the signing operation.

If set to False (Default) the component will use the PureEdDSA algorithm (ed25519 or ed448) when signing. The PureEdDSA requires two passes over the input data but provides collision resilience. The collision resilience of PureEdDSA means even if it is feasible to compute collisions for the hash function, the algorithm is still secure.

This property is only applicable when calling Sign and Algorithm is set to ed25519 or ed448.

If this property is set before calling Sign it must be set before calling VerifySignature.

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