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HashValue Property

The hash value of the data.


public byte[] getHashValue();
public void setHashValue(byte[] hashValue);


This property holds the computed hash value for the specified data. This is populated when calling Sign or VerifySignature when an input file is specified by setting SetInputStream, InputFile, or InputMessage.

Pre-existing hash values may be set to this property before calling Sign or VerifySignature. If you know the hash value prior to using the component you may specify the pre-computed hash value here.

This setting is not applicable to PureEdDSA algorithms. If Algorithm is ed25519 or ed448 and HashEdDSA is False (default) the PureEdDSA algorithm is use and HashValue is not applicable.

Hash Notes

The component will determine whether or not to recompute the hash based on the properties that are set. If a file is specified by SetInputStream, InputFile, or InputMessage the hash will be recomputed when calling Sign or VerifySignature. If the HashValue property is set the component will only sign the hash or verify the hash signature. Setting SetInputStream, InputFile, or InputMessage clears the HashValue property. Setting the HashValue property clears the input file selection.

Default Value


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