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SetUserInfoField Method

This method will add a user information field for registration.


async xmpp.setUserInfoField(field : string, value : string): Promise<void>


This method will search through UserInfo for the field name in Field and set the corresponding value to Value. If the field was not previously contained in UserInfo, it will automatically added.

Before a registration can be attempted, the application should use the QueryRegister method to poll the host to which the user wishes to register. This will gather all of the necessary fields that the user must send to the server, and will populate the UserInfo properties accordingly. After a successful query, all entries in UserInfo values will be empty strings.

The possible registration fields are defined in the Jabber protocol specification as follows:

instructionsSpecial instructions sent from the server.
usernameThe username to be associated with this account.
passwordThe initial password for this account.
nameThe user's name.
emailThe user's email address.
addressThe user's physical address.
cityThe user's city of residence.
stateThe user's state (for United States citizens).
zipThe user's postal code (for United States citizens).
phoneThe user's phone number.
URLThe user's website.
dateThe date of registration.
miscAny miscellaneous data.
textAny extra text (potentially for a personal bio).
removeSpecifies a request to unregister.

After the user has set all of the values in UserInfo, and added any extra fields they may wish to include in their registration, the application should make a call to Register.

If the class is not already connected when this method is called, it will connect, poll the registration fields, and then disconnect.

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