IPPacket Property

The contents of the current packet.


ANSI (Cross Platform)
int GetIPPacket(char* &lpIPPacket, int &lenIPPacket);

Unicode (Windows)
INT GetIPPacket(LPSTR &lpIPPacket, INT &lenIPPacket);
@property (nonatomic,readonly,assign,getter=IPPacket) NSString* IPPacket;
- (NSString*)IPPacket;

@property (nonatomic,readonly,assign,getter=IPPacketB) NSData* IPPacketB; - (NSData*)IPPacketB;

IPWORKS_EXTERNAL void* IPWORKS_CALL IPWorks_IPMonitor_Get(void *lpObj, int propid, int arridx, int *lpcbVal, int64 *lpllVal);

Default Value



This property contains the contents of the current packet. This property is only available while the IPPacket event is being processed. An empty string is returned at all other times.

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

Data Type

Binary String

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