StatusLine Property

The first line of the last server response.


ANSI (Cross Platform)
char* GetStatusLine();

Unicode (Windows)
LPWSTR GetStatusLine();
@property (nonatomic,readonly,assign,getter=statusLine) NSString* statusLine;
- (NSString*)statusLine;

IPWORKS_EXTERNAL void* IPWORKS_CALL IPWorks_WebDAV_Get(void *lpObj, int propid, int arridx, int *lpcbVal, int64 *lpllVal);

Default Value



This property contains the first line of the last server response. This value can be used for diagnostic purposes. If an HTTP error is returned when calling a method of the class, the error string is the same as the StatusLine property.

The HTTP protocol specifies the structure of the StatusLine as: [HTTP version] [Result Code] [Description].

This property is read-only and not available at design time.

Data Type


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