ScanResult Property

The result of invoking ParseRequest .


public int ScanResult { get; }
Public ReadOnly Property ScanResult As Integer

Default Value



ScanResult will contain information about any errors that occurred while invoking ParseRequest or ProcessRequest. ScanResult will contain 0 if no errors occurred, otherwise it will contain one or more of the following errors. If multiple errors are reported the results will be OR-ed together.

0x01 Unable to decrypt data.
0x02 Unable to decompress data.
0x04 Unable to validate integrity of data.
0x08 Unable to verify the signature.
0x10 Client requested unsupported signature type.
0x20 Client requested unsupported MIC algorithm.
0x40 Insufficient message security, as determined by the Config entries RequireSign and RequireEncrypt.
0x80 Unexpected processing error. An exception was encountered outside of message processing, such as configuration issues in the component.
0x100 Duplicate filename.
0x200 Illegal filename.
0x400 Empty filename.
0x800 Error writing incoming file.

This property is read-only.

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