TokenPasswordType Property

The password type used in UsernameToken authentication.


public As4clientTokenPasswordTypes TokenPasswordType { get; set; }

enum As4clientTokenPasswordTypes { tptDigest, tptText }
Public Property TokenPasswordType As As4clientTokenPasswordTypes

Enum As4clientTokenPasswordTypes tptDigest tptText End Enum

Default Value



The type of password to send in the request. Possible values are:

0 (tptDigest - default) TokenPassword holds the plaintext password and the component hashes it.
1 (tptText) TokenPassword is transmitted exactly as provided.

UsernameToken Authentication Notes

If TokenUser and TokenPassword are specified the component will include UsernameToken authentication when ReceiveFiles is called. This functionality is only applicable when calling ReceiveFiles.

TokenPassword should normally be set to the plaintext password that both the client and server know. The component will automatically use SHA-1 to create a hash of the password when TokenPasswordType is set to tptDigest (default). The hashed password is sent in the request, along with a creation date and nonce. The server will validate these values when receiving the request.

client.TokenUser = "User";
client.TokenPassword = "MyPassword";
client.TokenPasswordType = As4clientTokenPasswordTypes.tptDigest;


A creation date element is always sent in the request. A nonce is sent by default but can be disabled by setting UseNonce to False.

If TokenPasswordType is set to tptText the component will transmit value provided in TokenPassword exactly as it is provided. The value will not be hashed. This may be useful in cases where an alternative credential mechanism is used between the client and server.

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