ReceiptReplyMode Property

The expected receipt reply mode.


public As4clientReceiptReplyModes ReceiptReplyMode { get; set; }

enum As4clientReceiptReplyModes { rrmSync, rrmAsync, rrmNone }
Public Property ReceiptReplyMode As As4clientReceiptReplyModes

Enum As4clientReceiptReplyModes rrmSync rrmAsync rrmNone End Enum

Default Value



This setting tells the component how to expect or deliver a receipt. Possible values are:

0 (rrmSync - default) The receipt is expected in the response to the request. This is only valid when sending files from a client to a server (push). This is a synchronous receipt (the receipt is returned in the same HTTP connection).
1 (rrmAsync) The receipt is returned at a later time. The receipt may be returned by itself in a separate connection, or may be bundled with a subsequent request. This is the only available mode when receiving files from a server (pull).
2 (rrmNone) No receipt is expected.

It is important to always set this property to the correct value in both AS4Client and AS4Server, whether sending or receiving, so the component can build a valid message. This should be set to the previously agreed upon value between the parties in the agreement identified by AgreementRef

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