EndInterchange Event

Fires whenever a control segment is read that marks the end of an interchange.


public event OnEndInterchangeHandler OnEndInterchange;

public delegate void OnEndInterchangeHandler(object sender, VdareaderEndInterchangeEventArgs e);

public class VdareaderEndInterchangeEventArgs : EventArgs {
  public string Tag { get; }
  public string ControlNumber { get; }
  public string FullSegment { get; }
Public Event OnEndInterchange As OnEndInterchangeHandler

Public Delegate Sub OnEndInterchangeHandler(sender As Object, e As VdareaderEndInterchangeEventArgs)

Public Class VdareaderEndInterchangeEventArgs Inherits EventArgs
  Public ReadOnly Property Tag As String
  Public ReadOnly Property ControlNumber As String
  Public ReadOnly Property FullSegment As String
End Class


The EndInterchange event will fire when a control segment marking the end of an interchange is read. The Tag parameter contains the tag of the segment, such as IEA. ControlNumber contains the control number associated with the segment, and links this event with the corresponding StartInterchange event.

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