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ErrorReportingFlags Property

Flags controlling how errors affect the MDN.

Data Type


Default Value



By default, the MDN will report an error if any of the conditions below occur. The MIC will not be calculated and the data will be reported as unprocessed. However, the MDN may be configured to permit one or more of the errors below. A warning will be reported if MDNWarning is set; otherwise the error will silently be ignored.

Multiple errors may be permitted by setting ErrorReportingFlags to the OR of one or more of the following values:

0x04 (4)Unable to validate integrity of data, or unsupported signing protocol used.
0x08 (8)Unable to authenticate the sender.
0x10 (16)Client requested unsupported signature type.
0x20 (32)Client requested unsupported MIC algorithm.

Note: errors should be ignored only with extreme caution, and only by agreement of both trading parties.

This property is not available in the Sender.

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