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FileMask Property

Indicates the type of files to download from the SSH server.

Data Type


Default Value



This property will limit what kinds of files the adapter will download from the server. Only files matching the pattern specified in FileMask will be retrieved.

The FileMask property supports several pattern matching characters. The following special characters are supported for pattern matching:

? Any single character.
* Any characters or no characters. I.E., C*t matches Cat, Cot, Coast, Ct, etc)
[,-] A range of characters. E.g.: [a-z], [a], [0-9], [0-9,a-d,f,r-z], etc.
\ The slash is ignored and exact matching is performed on the next character.

If the above characters need to be used as a literal in a FileMask then they must be escaped by surrounding them with a []. (Note, "]" and "-" do not need to be escaped) See below for the escape sequences:

CharacterEscape Sequence
? [?]
* [*]
[ [[]
\ [\]

For example, if you wanted to download a file whose name was [Something].txt you could set the FileMask property to: [[]Something].txt

This property is not available in the Sender.

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