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MaxTransmissionBatchSize Property

The maximum number of messages that can be sent in a single batch.

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This property controls the maximum size of an outbound message batch.

Note: be careful when modifying this property as it directly effects the efficiency of the transmit adapter. Setting MaxTransmissionBatchSize to a low value in an environment that requires transmission of large quantities of data will result in the adapter accumulating several small batches. If TransmitBatchMode is set to Parallel, this will result in the adapter transmitting many small batches at once and can put a heavy load on the processor.

Conversely, if TransmitBatchMode is set to Serial, setting MaxTransmissionBatchSize to a large value may result in long transmission delays as the adapter will wait on existing work to complete before accepting new messages from the BizTalk Message Engine. This is especially true when the adapter is transmitting large data.

This property can only be configured through the adapter's static handler property page in the BizTalk Server administration console.

This property is not available in the Receiver.

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