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LogDirectory Property

The path to a directory for logging.

Data Type


Default Value



Setting LogDirectory will instruct the component to log the details of each transmission to unique files in the specified directory. For each request processed, the adapter will log the original EDI data, the complete text of the outgoing request and the incoming response.

The adapter will write a single file for each transmission, with extension ".log". In case of error an additional file will be written with extension ".err", and the error will be reported in both files.

The filenames will be chosen automatically by the adapter. Each filename will be the system time, in the format YYYY-MM-DD-HH-MM-SS-MMMM, with extensions "-2", "-3", used in case files of those names already exist. After each transaction is processed LogFile will contain the name of the files just written, minus the extension ".log" or ".err".

If logs cannot be written an exception will be thrown.

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