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TransactionType Property

Specifies the type of transaction to process.

Data Type


Possible Values

Sale (0)
Auth Only (1)
Capture (2)
Refund (3)
Credit (4)
Void (5)
Force (6)
AVSOnly (7)

Default Value



Changing the TransactionType can allow for additional functionality depending on the specified Gateway. A list of valid transaction types and their descriptions follows.

SaleSale (or Auth-Capture) is the default transaction method; a transaction is sent for approval, the transaction is approved, the merchant is notified of the approval, and the transaction automatically settles at the end of the business day without any further action by the merchant.
AuthOnlyAuth-Only stands for Authorization-Only and means obtaining an authorization for a certain amount on a customer's credit card without actually charging the card.
CaptureA Prior-Auth-Capture transaction is used to capture funds authorized previously using an Auth-Only transaction. Prior-Auth-Capture is an operation on an already existing transaction. Prior-Auth-Capture should only be used on Auth-Only transactions.
RefundRefunds are based on a previous transaction that has already been captured or settled. Refunds require the original TransactionId be specified.
CreditCredits are not processed in real time, but are submitted at settlement time with other transactions. Credits are not based on a previous transaction and provide a way to simply credit funds to a card.
VoidVoiding a transaction prevents a charge to a credit card or bank account from occurring. Voids are performed on existing transactions that have not yet been settled.
ForceA voice authorization transaction may be performed after obtaining an approval code from the cardholder's issuing bank. This offline process establishes the transaction as a settleable item.
AVSOnlyAn AVS Only transaction checks only AVS data such as Address and Zip, and returns the result in the ResponseAVS property. No funds are authorized in an AVS Only transaction.

Not all gateways support all transaction types. If a gateway supports Capture, Credit, or Void transactions, the TransactionId property must be set to the value of the ResponseTransactionId from the original authorization.

Please see the chart below for the list of TransactionTypes supported by each Gateway.

Authorize.Net ttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid
DPI ttSale, ttAuthOnly
Eprocessing ttSale
GoRealTime ttSale
IBill ttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit
Intellipay ttSale, ttAuthOnly, avs only
IOnGate ttSale
ITransact ttSale
NetBilling ttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid, ttAvsOnly
PayFlowPro ttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid, ttForce
PayReady ttSale, ttAuthOnly
ViaKlix ttSale, ttCredit, ttForce
USAePay ttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid
PlugNPay ttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid, ttForce
Planet PaymentttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid
MPCS ttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid
RTWare ttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid
ECX ttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid
BankOfAmerica ttSale, ttAuthOnly
Innovative ttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid
MerchantAnywhere ttSale
Skipjack ttSale
ECHOnline ttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttAvsOnly
3DSIttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttForce
TrustCommercettSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit
PSIGatettSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture
PayFusettSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid
PayFlowLinkttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture
OrbitalttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttForce
LinkPointttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid, ttForce
MoneristtSale (ttAuthOnly supported through the merchant interface)
FastTransactttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit
NetworkMerchantsttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid
OgonettSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCredit
EFSNetttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid, ttForce, ttAVSOnly
ProtxttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid
OptimalttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid, ttAVSOnly
MerchantPartnersttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCredit, ttVoid
CyberCashttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture
FirstDatattSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid, ttForce
YourPayttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid, ttForce
ACHPaymentsttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid, ttForce
PaymentsGatewayttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid, ttForce
CyberSourcettSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttForce (Add auth_type=verbal with SpecialFields for Force transactions)
EwayttSale, ttAuthOnly. Please see note below.
GoEMerchantttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid
PayStreamttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit
TransFirstttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid
ChasettSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid, ttForce
PSIGateXMLttSale, ttAuthOnly, ttCapture, ttCredit, ttVoid, ttForce
WorldPayttSale, ttAuthOnly

Note: The EWay gateway does note support TransactionTypes like the other gateways do. Instead, eWay defines different GatewayURLs for each of the actions they support. The following table shows all of the supported actions for the eWay Gateway.

https://www.eway.com.au/gateway/xmlpayment.aspSale transactions without CVVData.
https://www.eway.com.au/gateway_cvn/xmlpayment.aspSale transactions with CVVData.
https://www.eway.com.au/gateway/xmlstored.aspAuthorization Only transactions without CVVData.
https://www.eway.com.au/gateway/xmltest/TestPage.aspTest transactions without CVVData.
https://www.eway.com.au/gateway_cvn/xmltest/TestPage.aspTest transactions with CVVData

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