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ResponseAVS Property

Contains the Address Verification System result code.

Data Type


Default Value



This one character field contains the Address Verification Service (AVS) result code. An AVS result code can provide additional information concerning the authentication of a particular transaction for which cardholder address verification was requested. An AVS result code of "0" will be returned in the response message when no address verification has been requested. The value returned should be stored for later retrieval, as it may be required when voiding or refunding a transaction. Valid AVS response codes are listed below, and are identical across all Gateways (note that some gateways do not return an AVS response).

AAddress matches, Zip does not.
EAVS error.
NNo match on Address or Zip.
PAVS not applicable for this transaction.
RRetry - Issuer system unavailable.
SService not supported by issuer.
UAddress information is unavailable.
WNine digit Zip matches, Address does not.
XExact AVS match, nine digit Zip.
YExact AVS match, five digit Zip.
ZFive digit Zip matches, Address does not.

Note: The above table does not apply to the WorldPay gateway. For Worldpay, this property will contain a 4-character string, which contains the AVS checks for the following fields:

1st CharacterCard Verification Value (CVV) check
2nd CharacterPostal/Zip Code AVS check
3rd CharacterAddress AVS check
4th CharacterCountry Comparison check

The possible values for each result character are:

0Not Supported.
1Not Checked.
4No Match.
8Partial Match.

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