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HTTPAuthScheme Property

The authorization scheme to be used when server authorization is to be performed.

Data Type


Possible Values

Basic (0)
Digest (1)
Proprietary (2)
None (3)
Ntlm (4)

Default Value



Use the HTTPAuthScheme property to tell the adapter which type of authorization to perform when the HTTPUser and HTTPPassword properties are set.

HTTPAuthScheme should be set to authNone (3) when no authentication is to be performed (or just don't set HTTPUser and HTTPPassword).

By default, HTTPAuthScheme is authBasic (0), and if the HTTPUser and HTTPPassword properties are set, the adapter will attempt basic authentication. If HTTPAuthScheme is set to authDigest (1) or authNtlm (4), digest or NTLM authentication will be attempted instead.

If HTTPAuthScheme is set to authProprietary (2) then the authorization token must be supplied through the HTTPAuthorization configuration. Note that, if you set the HTTPAuthorization config, the HTTPAuthScheme will be set automatically to authProprietary (2) by the control.

For security purposes, changing the value of this property will cause the adapter to ignore the values of HTTPUser and HTTPPassword.

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