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Timeout Property

A timeout for the adapter.

Data Type


Default Value



If the Timeout property is set to 0, all operations will run uninterrupted until successful completion, or an error condition is encountered.

If Timeout is set to a positive value, the adapter will wait for the operation to complete before returning control.

If Timeout expires, and the operation is not yet complete, the adapter fails with an error.

Please note that by default, all timeouts are inactivity timeouts, i.e. the timeout period is extended by Timeout seconds when data is successfully sent or received.

Optionally, the behavior of the adapter may be changed to absolute timeouts, i.e. the adapter will wait for a maximum of Timeout seconds since the beginning of the operation, without extending the timeout period during communications.

This behavior is controlled by the AbsoluteTimeout configuration setting.

The default value for the Timeout property is 60 (seconds).

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