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ScheduledDelivery Property

This value tells the server when to deliver the current message.

Data Type


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ScheduledDelivery is used by the adapter when sending a message to inform the Message Center (MC) to forward the message to the intended recipients at a specific time. It can be set using absolute or relative time formats.

Absolute Time Format is a 16-character string represented as "YYMMDDhhmmsstnnp" where:

YYthe last two digits of the year (00-99)
MMmonth (01-12)
DDday (01-31)
hhhour (00-23)
mmminute (00-59)
sssecond (00-59)
ttenths of a second (0-9)
nnquarter-hour time difference between local time and UTC time (00-48)
p"+" or "-" indicating the direction of the time offset in nn

Relative Time Format is the same 16-character string where "p" should be set to "R" for "relative". For relative time, "tnn" are ignored and thus should be set to a constant value of "000".

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