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EzCrypt Configuration

The adapter accepts one or more of the following configuration settings. Configuration settings are similar in functionality to properties, but they are rarely used. In order to avoid "polluting" the property namespace of the adapter, access to these internal properties is provided through the Other property.

EzCrypt Configuration Settings

KeySize:   The size, in bits, of secret key for the symmetric algorithm.

The legal key sizes vary depending on the algorithm. The KeySize and BlockSize configuration settings may be set to specify the key and block size (in bits).

This setting is only applicable when KeyPassword is specified.

Note that when using the EzCrypt adapter, KeySize should be set after setting the Algorithm property.

BlockSize:   The block size, in bits, of the cryptographic operation.

The block size is a basic data unit in the operation of encrypt or decrypt. Messages longer than the block size are seen as successive blocks. If the message is shorter than the block size, the message will be padded with extra bits to reach the block size according to PaddingMode. Different symmetric algorithm has different valid block sizes.

The following algorithms have a fixed block size: AES, CAST, DES, IDEA, RC2, TripleDES, Blowfish, and Twofish.

IncludeIV:   Whether to prepend the IV to the output data and read the IV from the input data.

If this setting is True, the IV will be automatically prepended to the output data when encrypting. When decrypting and this setting is True, the IV is automatically extracted form the ciphertext. The default value is False.

KeyPasswordAlgorithm:   The hash algorithm used to derive the Key and IV from the KeyPassword property.

This configuration setting specifies which hash algorithm will be used when deriving the Key and IV from KeyPassword. The default value is "MD5". Possible values are:

  • "SHA1"
  • "MD2"
  • "MD4"
  • "MD5" (default)
  • "MD5SHA1"
  • "SHA224"
  • "SHA256"
  • "SHA384"
  • "SHA512"
  • "RIPEMD-160"
  • "SHA3_224"
  • "SHA3_256"
  • "SHA3_384"
  • "SHA3_512"
TeaAlgorithm:   The TEA algorithm.

This property specifies the TEA algorithm to us. It is recommended to use the XXTEA (Corrected Block TEA) algorithm for security reasons. Possible values are:

0 (taXXTEA - default) Correct Block TEA
1 (taXTEA) eXtended TEA
2 (taTEA) TEA (Tiny Encryption Algorithm)

Supported Macros

The adapter also supports the following Macros. These values are not case sensitive and would be supplied to a property in the form %MacroName%.

TempThis is resolved to the full path to the system's temporary directory.
MessageIDGlobally unique identifier (GUID) of the message in BizTalk Server.
SourceFileNameThe original file name. This includes the extension and excludes the file path, for example, Sample.xml
SourceFileNameNoExtThe original file name without the extension or file path, for example, Sample
RemoteFileNameThe name of the file as it was uploaded to the remote server. This includes the extension and excludes the file path, for example, Sample.xml. Valid only for AS3, FTP, and SFTP Send Adapters.
DestinationPartyName of the destination party.
DestinationPartyQualifierQualifier of the destination party.
SourcePartyName of the source party.
SourcePartyQualifierQualifier of the source party.
DateTime:CustomFormatThis special value allows you to specify your own custom time format. For instance DateTime:yyyy would be resolved to the 4 digit year.
DateThe date format yyyy-MM-dd.
DateTimeThe date format yyyy-MM-ddThhmmss.
TimeThe date format hhmmss.
DateTime_BTS2000The date format yyyyMMddhhmmssf.
DateTime.TZThe date format yyyy-MM-ddThhmmsszzz.
Time.TZThe date format hhmmsszzz.

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