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MessageExpiration Property

Denotes the validity period of the current message.

Data Type


Default Value



The MessageExpiration property indicates the MC expiration time, after which the message should be discarded if not delivered to the destination. It can be set using absolute or relative time formats.

Absolute Time Format is a 16-character string represented as "YYMMDDhhmmsstnnp" where:

YYthe last two digits of the year (00-99)
MMmonth (01-12)
DDday (01-31)
hhhour (00-23)
mmminute (00-59)
sssecond (00-59)
ttenths of a second (0-9)
nnquarter-hour time difference between local time and UTC time (00-48)
p"+" or "-" indicating the direction of the time offset in nn

Relative Time Format is the same 16-character string where "p" should be set to "R" for "relative". For relative time, "tnn" are ignored and thus should be set to a constant value of "000".

This property is not available in the Receiver.

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