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SSHAcceptServerHostKey Property

Instructs the adapter to accept the server host key that matches the supplied key.

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If the host key that will be used by the server is known in advance, this property may be set to accept the expected key. If you are using the fingerprint, you may supply it to the SSHAcceptServerHostKeyFingerPrint setting by HEX encoding the values in the form "0a:1b:2c:3d". If this property is not set the server will not be authenticated, and the connection will be refused by the client.

Note: You may also set the Accept Any field to Yes without opening the certificate selection dialog to force the adapter to unilaterally authenticate any server during the security handshake. It is strongly recommended that you use this only for testing purposes. Set the LogMode to Info to cause the adapter to report the server's credentials to Location.

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